Why MPGI needs your Support

The best reason to give to MPGI is not simply because you are an alumnus and feel an obligation to the Institute. It is because you believe in what the Institute stands for and you want to help change the world through the powerful vehicle of global business.

Succeeding in the global marketplace is but one component of a business school education in the 21st century. But we must find better ways to help the students understand what they can do in the business world to make a positive contribution to society, giving them the tools, skills, and perspectives they need to become managers who will add value to society — even as they do well for themselves.

Gifts from alumni and others who believe in the MPGI mission figure largely in the Institute’s continued success. Generous support of faculty, students, and facilities is critical to reaching our objectives in the future.

Designating your Gifts

Donations to MPGI may be made under the special heads listed as under or may be use-as-you-will unrestricted donations that the institute is free to use where it deems fit.

Unrestricted Giving – Money received under this head will be used by the Institute according to its discretion and where it would be most effective.

Scholarships to Underprivileged Students – Funds to provide deserving students with assistance thru cash and kind.

Loans to Needy Students – Funds to provide deserving students with assistance through soft loans.

Research Grants to Faculty – Funds to advance and support various research by faculty. Our preference is that such funds are not earmarked for very narrow areas of research so those faculties have the freedom to pursue new research agendas of their interest within a broadly defined topic area.

Payments to Visiting Faculty – A fund pool that finances and facilitates leading faculty from around the globe to lecture at the Institute for the benefit of the students.

Funding Seminars – Funds that are used to organise, host national and local seminars
Funding Physical Infrastructure – Funds to be used to maintain the existing infrastructure of the Institute as well as create new Infrastructure. These may be of various kinds

(i)       Renovation of classrooms and seminar rooms

(ii)      Renovation of hostels, mess and other students related facilities

(iii)     Building of sports facilities

(iv)     Renovation of faculty and staff housing and support facilities

(v)      New buildings, classrooms, student facilities

(vi)     Landscaping projects

(vii)    IT Hardware and network hardware

Funding Soft Infrastructure – Funds employed to create and upgrade the software and services available within the institutes in order to remain state-of-the–art.

Funding Medical infrastructure/Services – Funds used to create medical facilities, enhance existing services and add new medical services.

Funding Staff Welfare – Funds used to create better learning and recreational facilities and services for staff across the Institute.

Non-Executive Staff Welfare – Funds used to create better learning, health and recreational facilities and services for non-executive staff of the Institute.

Ways to give

Gifts to MPGI of outright cash are the most valuable form of support because they are immediately available, unrestricted, and thus allow us the flexibility to meet our most pressing needs. Cheques are also welcome and should be made payable to Institute.

By Cheque payable at par/Demand Draft payable at Bhopal in favour of Maharana Pratap Social Research & Education Society Bhopal”.

Please send the same to: The Registrar, Maharana Pratap Group of Institutions Bhopal, Amla Sarver Road, Near Ratibad, Bhopal-462044.

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