An active Industry Institute Interaction Cell (III Cell) has been functioning in the Institute. The function of the Cell is to promote closer interaction between the academic field and the professional field. Industry Institute Interaction Cell is established to provide closer links with industries. The purpose of the cell is to find out the gap between need of the industry and end product of the institute. The cell is the bridge between the industry, the real world and the institute. Industrial exposure of Faculty is very much helpful to guide students about latest industrial practices. Industries are able to know recent developments and inventions in their fields and implement projects for technologically driven economy.

  • About III Cell

    Better edge between Institutions and Industry is of utmost importance in current business scenario. For students it is vital because they get experience to industry and later on placement in various disciplines. With the introduction of globalization and seamless Indian economy, to outside world, tough competition amongst the industries has been observed in recent times. So industries also need smart aspirants who are conscious of industry criterions and must be able to achieve them. Therefore, there is a vital need of interaction of industry and academics where business schools must prepare students for jobs in MNCs and industry may also be benefited by receiving well-trained staff. An Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC) has been formed in Anand Institute of Management in 2016 to bridge the gap between required skills for competent workforce with industry readiness. Objectives and the schemes planned for this academic year 2018-19 may be seen separate menu.

  • Objectives

    • To give industrial exposure to Faculty members and students, thus enabling them to tune their knowledge to cope with the industrial culture.
    • To develop strong links with various industries.
    • To promote various business activities by the faculty members and students.
    • To enhance growth and development of collaboration between the Institute and Industry.
    • To promote research suited to productiveness needs; this creates a sense of owning among faculty members.
    • To provide internships for students in industries, which will prepare the students better for entering the business;
    • To create an industrial leader in the institution; and to enable the appointment of experienced industry resource persons as visiting faculty in the College
    • To bring about MOU’S and Agreements with various industrial and research organizations in different fields and regions to promote various forms of connections.
    • To assist the Departments in organizing workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the industries
    • Encouraging Managers from industries to visit institution to deliver lectures
    • To organize industrial visits for Faculty members and students
    • To encourage Faculty members to use their expertise in solving the problems faced by the industries, thus creating opportunity for consultancy.
    • To organize in-plant training for the students
    • To identify the areas for executive development programmes in the areas of recent advances.
    • To coordinate/ identify industrial partners for proposing ‘Centre for Excellence’.
    • To strengthen Alumni relations
    • To assist the Training and Placement Cell.
  • Functions

    Planned Activities under Industry-Institute Interaction Cell:

    1. Industrial Research & Consultancy
    2. Sponsored industrial research
    3. Research guidance from industry
    4. Creation of collaborative training centre at the college
    5. Joint research publication
    6. Solutions for field problems
    7. Analysis & Design problems
    8. Research fellowship support
    9. Joint patents
    10. Creation of industrial chair to support research
    11. Short-Term Training Programmes
    12. Collaborative Educational Programmes
    13. Industry-Institute Exchange
    14. Visiting faculty from industry
    15. Training programmes to the faculty members in industries
    16. Joint industrial projects for faculty
    17. Participation of industrial experts in curriculum design
  • Weekly Meetings

    Every week, Industry Institute Interaction Meeting is organized with Director, Dean, and Chairperson-Training & Placement. All the Heads of the Department and III Cell Members are invited. Faculty members and Students present their Industrial Projects in the meeting. Suggestions for improvement of the projects are shared in this forum.

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