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Pre-class readings, classroom discussions, post class quizzes, group discussions, case studies, deadlines, night outs, projects, end terms- is that is all there is to life at MPCM? Not really! Add to this the jokes, laughter, animated and lively discussions in the group workroom, cozy visits to the night canteen, the clatter of tables and a lot more. Gossips at the Bistro, music club performances, dance practices, cultural fests and in general the energy that flows in the air and reflects on every MPCM’s face, perhaps make the picture clearer. Life is learning at MPCM. Life is fun at MPCM. We climb long stairs but not one at a time-we hold hands and leap, and we give time a run for its breath!

Each day is bathed in its own shade. Whether it is another CEO lecture or a friendly basketball match in the sports complex or simply a presentation preparation for the next communications session, we take all in our stride with similar grace. Influencing practice and value based growth is the motto of learning at MPGI and for us not even change is constant. The year is full of various initiatives, Sunday afternoons- these events act as avenues for development of managerial potential in students in addition to their primary purpose of increasing exposure and providing knowledge.

Group learning and team sprit are the all-pervasive themes that can be observed in classroom discussions, on the playground matches, in the bistro queues: in short everywhere. Things we know we share and we strive together for the things that we want to learn. For us the only place where success comes before work is a dictionary. “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.” In all probability Abraham Lincoln wasn’t thinking of us when he quoted this but even if he were he wouldn’t have been wrong. We know we are different and we are proud of it. MPGI is where life lives.

The accent of student life and activities on the campus is to provide an invigorating and creative environment. A distinguishing feature is the advantage that the Management Student has in drawing upon the structure of a well established quality institution like the MPGI the strength of rich infrastructure. There is a hostel in MPGI Bhopal. Hostel can accommodate 100 students. MPGI is not all about studies; its aim is to mould the leaders of future. The Students Activity Centre (SAC) is the nerve centre of all student activities on the campus. With a moat on one side and a high stone-wall on the other, the Students’ Activity Centre recalling memories of an ancient fort. The Centre comprising a Club Building, Gymnasium Hall, Swimming Pool, Amphitheatre, Music Rooms, Hobbies Workshop and a large Dark Room, caters to various hobbies of the students. They have a place to paint, to sculpt or to tinker with the radio. There are committee rooms where they can hold formal or informal meetings and a large marble-floored hall for exhibitions. On the first floor of the Centre, students have facility to play billiards. The large gymnasium hall is over 10 m. high where the students have a place for badminton in inclement weather or to engage themselves in gymnastics.

Last but not the least, how can we forget Bhopal? Enlightening exhibitions, electrifying parties, peaceful walks along VIP Road or delightful meals in the inimitable restaurants, whatever may be the mood, the city has something to offer. Sports Complex offers an impressive set of sports facilities. Jyoti, a movie Cineplex is 18 km away from the campus and is a favourite hangout for many MPCMi’s. We live in the city of dreams and we are in sync with its rhythm


The diversity of options inside MPCM’s classrooms is mirrored by the spectrum of opportunities outside the class. These activities form a valuable part of the training at MPCM. Students’ direct involvement in every facet of MPGI life, thus dealing with life size projects injects great amount of confidence. The events are:

  • Management Integration

This first of its kind event on the inter B-School landscape, recognizing and awarding the budding Managers on their application of theory and ideas in the corporate world during their Summer Internship Programme. It is a platform where the students from the best B- Schools in the country get together and share their experiences and learning from their Summer Projects.

  • Boundless Knowledge

Boundless Knowledge is a journey of knowledge and experience with various management games and contests in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations, Information Technology, Strategy and International Business. It involves tasks that highlight the managerial aspects of life, while also offering a platform for the meeting of minds through quizzes and debates, music, live bands and drama. Corporate executives and celebrity guests interact with the participants and the audience to enhance the process of learning through the event. It is a memorable experience that opens new vistas of knowledge and ideas for participants.

  • Exercise

One of the most looked forward and keenly contested inter B-School events in the country it has always had its dash of glamour with the best and the brightest of Indian sport coming to motivate and cheer. The human spirit and the salience and good cheer that come with feats of physical excellence are put to view in adrenaline sapping sporting events. The toughest survive and teamwork, determination, physical fitness and sportsmen’s spirit is rewarded with victory and adulation.

  • Technocrats

People, process and technology are the buzzwords of today. Quite understandable, considering the role of technology is playing to make the art of doing business more scientific and less given to surprises in the internal and external environment. Wizebyte celebrates technology as an enabler for better business practices and sustainable competitive advantage

  • Invasion

Invasion is an event where the students of the Human Resource programme work on live short-term projects in various companies for three to four weeks in the area of HR. The event concludes with a symposium in which students make presentations on their projects which are evaluated by the company mentor, the faculty guide and an industry expert. The event aims at providing a definitive edge to the HR students in evolving into well-rounded professionals having classroom knowledge as well as practical wisdom.

  • International Conference
  • Case Writing Workshop
  • Research Methodology Workshop

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