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The society “Maharana Pratap Social Research & Education Society” was incorporated under M.P. Society Act, with the main object to open and run Technical Education colleges Collages of MCA, Business Management, Medical Education Colleges & Research Centre.

The society is a voluntary nonprofit social welfare & education organization comprising of founder members.

The affairs of the society are managed by an Executive council comprising of the Chairman and other members. The sources of funds are donated from members of the society, public noninterest bearing loans from members of the society and their families, members and fees, fee/collection from educational institutions.

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Chairman 39 M.A., LL.B, M.Ed., M.B.A., Ph.D. Bhopal

13 years


Social worker






37 M.B.A. Bhopal

13 years






Secretary 34 MMM, PGDBM, M.B.A. Bhopal

11 years





Joint Secretary 45 M.Ed, LL.B, Ph.D. Bhopal

13 years

Social worker

5 Uditi  Singh Treasurer 35 M.Ed. M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D. Bhopal

13 years





Members 67 Metric Bhopal

11 years

Social worker




Members 65 Metric Bhopal

11 years

Social worker

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Since its inception in 2009, Maharana Pratap Group of Institutions has exemplified excellence in management education and is known for its academic excellence and industry exposure. From an emphasis on the public sector and information technology to focus on emerging economies, MPGI has traversed many boundaries to develop its own expertise in management education and research. Spreading its wings, with the vision of Creating Corporate Connoisseurs, MPC’s efforts are aimed at higher benchmarks and further refinement. ISO 9001: 2008 certificate are steps towards this direction. 

The demand from the corporate sector is changing with a rapid pace since the macroeconomic scene has become quite dynamic. Recognizing this fact, MPGI has taken upon itself a mandate to provide requisite academic inputs to its young students and develop them into professional managers with dedication, commitment, integrity and positive bent of mind. The MBA degree offers the expertise knowledge in the most emerging sectors wherein students are absorbed in top companies. Industry interface is intrinsically practiced with all our academic systems and the expectations are met through academic rigor and hands on experience.

Flying on the wings of vision and ignited by the spark of passion, our mission is to set ourselves not just to enrich the legacy we have created, but to excel one milestone after another with clock-work precision and habituated ease. Driven by the relentless efforts of the years that have gone by, we modulate leadership that when integrated with latest technology and global perspective steers close to the best practices in management. As we visualize the future, we feel the urgency to make rapid strides in harnessing the latest management techniques and addressing ourselves in the context of ever changing global market scenario. MPGI is working towards being centre of excellence for research and management education.

MPGI provides its students with an excellent learning opportunity and industry exposure to shape an exciting career. 

We welcome students to a journey of learning, exposure and innovation with Maharana Pratap College. 

Dr. Narendra Singh

“The real difficulty (of education) is that people have no idea of what education truly is. We assess the value of education in the same manner as we assess the value of land or of shares in the stock-exchange market. We want to provide only such education as would enable the student to earn more. We hardly give any thought to the improvement of the character of the educated. As long as such ideas persist there is no hope of our ever knowing the true value of education” – Mahatma M.K. Gandhi on True Education (parenthesis added).

Welcome to MPGI, the institution committed to help individuals to realise the true value of education.

As an institution specialising in higher education, MPGI has the mandate of creating conscientious individuals capable of taking holistic decisions that leave long lasting positive impact in the society. Realising this, every aspect of MPGI’s working for significant contribution to economic development, social progress and political democracy in our country.. The systems and processes in MPGI are crafted to perfection to translate its philosophy of nurturing multi dimensional – economic, social and moral – wealth creators. By religiously following this philosophy for the last years, MPGI has created a unique space for itself in the crowded management education space in India.

MPGI boasts of having faculty and staff resources committed towards the philosophy of true education. The curricula and design of our offerings are continuously updated not only to reflect the current trends in management, but also to ensure that our goal of nurturing socially sensitive individuals is not compromised at any stage.

While contributing to knowledge dissemination activities through its numerous programmes, MPGI gives equal emphasis to knowledge creation and application activities as well. Faculty members are actively involved in research and consulting activities. The institute also facilitates joint research between students and faculty. Several of their faculties are recognised globally for their research contributions and it is a matter of great pride to the institute that it is contributing its bit to the development of management theory and practice.

I welcome each of you to visit MPGI and be a part of our journey to realise the true essence of education.

I wish all success & very bright and prosperous future for the students in their future endeavors.

Prof. Sanjay Payasi

Maharana Pratap Group of Institutions is a vibrant and proactive educational institute which Provides education, research, executive training and consultancy in management, thereby fuflling the contemporary needs of industry, business, government and society at large.

We believe that an atmosphere of openness, participation and fairness help to develop a conducive environment for growth and learning for our students.

The Institute has relentlessly endeavored to make its students confident, knowledgeable and self-sufficient. I am happy to learn that faculty members of the Institute have made a mark in academic circles not only in the State but also in India. I am proud of what we in MPGI have achieved in two successful years of existence and look at the future with optimism and confidence. In retrospection when I look back, it gives me great satisfaction in seeing tangible evidence of the growth. I am grateful to all concerned institutions, industrial community and students who have confided in extending their wholehearted support. I wish all the best to colleagues, friends, students and everybody else who have been with us in our journey towards excellence.

Dr. (Smt.) Meena Tiwari

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